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We will provide an initial free of charge consultation in your home and give you an free quote based on your requirements.

Services Available

Home Visit Includes

Play and cuddle interaction with pet

Feeding and water as per your routine

Brushing, if requested

Washing Pet Bowls

Cat Litter cleared, and replenished.


$28 per cat per day


Have more cats?  Additional $10 per pet
Want 2 Home Visits Per Day? Visits will be Morning and Evening Additional $10 per day
Garden need Watering? $10 per day (will only water if needed) 
Mail and Garbage Bin Collection Free of charge


Additional Services available, quote on 1st consultation. 

Indoor Pot Plant watering

Outdoor garden watering

Fish feeding

Bird feeding

Please note:

There is a public holiday surcharge of $10.00 per day

Upon booking, a deposit of 50% of the quote is required to hold the booking. We accept cash or bank deposit.

Cancellation policy: We know that situations can change so we will not charge for cancellation 14 days in advance of booking. Within 14 days, a cancellation will cost 1 day full visit.  

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